Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bridal Shower Game

(My bridal shower six years ago)

I recently attended a shower where they incorporated a few simple games that ended up being fabulously entertaining. Everyone knows that opening gifts at a shower is a must- and often it is a long process that can be a bit tiring for guests. So here are the games I played this last weekend.

Game One: Have prettily wrapped prizes, nearly one per guest. Then bring out an egg timer and set it for 1 minute. The bride must have completed opening and showing off the gift before the timer rings. If the timer rings first, the guest who's gift is being opened wins a prize. It keeps guests entertained and encourages the bride to be timely. It's a must have game for large showers.

Game Two: At the start of the shower have blank bingo cards ready. Guests must fill in each square with gifts she thinks the bride will receive. Guests may not use the same idea twice (to help you might offer a list of gifts off the bride's registry). As the bride opens each gift, guest cross it off their bingo cards. Have several medium prizes for the first three guests to win bingo. This keeps guest fully entertained during the shower and rooting for their bingo! gift.

Photo by Martha Stewart.

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