Friday, May 23, 2008

Casa Del Mar, Bella, and Margarita

Casa Del Mar: The location accommodates around 80 guests. It boasts a great room, perfect for a dinner seating of 30-40. The great room is augmented by an immaculately kept up garden patio with amazing and rare succulent plants as well as a trickling Italian fountain and a smattering of white lights reflecting off all the shiny glass windows. Just one block from the beach, near Stearn's Wharf, in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, just off State Street.

Casa Bella can accommodate up to 225 guests. It truly inspires with 180 degree ocean views which can be enjoyed by dining on a huge lush lawn. A proper Tuscan villa fronts the property and a Versace-inspired tile pool (with fountains) accent the incredible views. The entire estate is simply awe inspiring, from the moment guests meander down the long motorcourt lined with olive trees until they reach the extravagant backyard.

Casa Margarita can accommodate up to 150 guests. It's set on a small hill one mile from the ocean but with pastoral views of the neighboring villas and there are even 2 horses on site, which can be placed wherever you want, there are many stables. This site can offer terraced lawn seating or seating on a flat stone courtyard area. Two ponds full of mature koi fish are impressive, but the best part is the the entire lower level of the home may be used, so french doors can be open and the house can be an inviting pass through area.

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