Thursday, May 08, 2008

Registry Tips

Registering for your wedding can be easy and great fun if you go into it prepared. Here are a few tips that have saved me much grief. (Or would have saved me if I had known earlier!)

Tip One: Bring your fiancé and let him make choices! There are no exceptions to this rule. If you live far away then register together online. Even if your fiancé has horrendous taste, choosing your household items together teaches you to compromise. And don't forget, he's going to live there too- he'll need to see things in your new home that are familiar and comfortable to him... even the (gasp!) horrible green bath mat set. Count compromise as a step towards matrimonial bliss.

Tip Two: Bring a recently married friend...or have her do a preview run with you. She'll tell you great tips (you'll never, ever use that!) and she'll keep you calm and laughing. Because she's recently married she'll be in the know on what items you'll actually need and what works best.

Tip Three: Take your time. Don't try to register all in one day, it's just too much. When you register make sure you have lunch and/or coffee breaks planned into your schedule. It's surprisingly exhausting to register and even more tiring for your fiancé if he's not the shopping type. Taking breaks will keep registering fun.

Tip Four: Buy multiples-this is often overlooked. Make sure you purchase several sets of your silverware, glasses, dining sets, and linens. Between items breaking, a large dinner party, or needing an additional set of linens while the other is being washed- buying multiples is an essential but often overlooked tip.

Tip Five: Know thyself. If your wedding planning books says you absolutely need crystal red wine goblets, but you hate red wine, then trust yourself, not the book. Also, remember to register for some impractical items (such as board games and a popcorn maker) in addition to your practical items. You'll need both.

Tip Six: Know thyself...and thy friends. Register at a few different price point stores. Your relatives might be able to splurge at Nordstroms for you, but your college friends would be relieved to see a few items from Target. Don't be afraid to break up your registry over several stores.

I hope these help.

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