Saturday, June 14, 2008

Anton Lorimer: Aubrey and Aaron

(Note from Melissa: Due to technical difficulty, this video is partially cut off. To see the video as it should be viewed, please visit Anton's Site under weddings.)
Please welcome Anton Lorimer, the talented wedding videographer based in San Fransisco, and is married and has a beautiful daughter. Anton was named 2007 videographer of the year by the SF Bay Area Videographer Association. Lorimer combines artistic shooting and dyanamic storytelling in this video- so lovely it made me cry happy tears.

Lorimer says, "My approach to making movies is this:Good shooting and fancy editing are great tools to have when making a video/film but without a story however subtle that story may be its very difficult to engage the audience without it. And that's what I place my priority on, the story." Many congrats Lorimer on capturing the spirit of Aubrey and Aaron's love.

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