Friday, June 20, 2008

Inspiration Board 13: Spanish Moss

(click to enlarge)

The always lovely Selina has asked me to create a wedding board for her. Her ceremony will be held at the historic Santa Barbara Mission and her reception will be a at the amazing Santa Barbara Rockwood Women's Club. Straight away I was intrigued! Her wedding is a melding of Spanish elements, the historic and new, sage and moss greens, her love of oak trees, and a romantic atmosphere. I'll be posting several boards for her, this one is especially botanical.

Top: Picture of the Santa Barbara Rockwood Women's Club; photo by Hugh Hartshorne; photo of couple kissing by Ruettgers Photography. Second row: photo by; Caligraphy by Laura Hooper; alter at the Santa Barbara Mission; Spanish tiles by Laurua Hooper, courtesy of Lucky Orchid Wedding Blog. Third row: herbal escort cards by; images of bottles by Martha Stewart; oak tree photo by Jose Villa.

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