Monday, July 14, 2008

Du Coeur Celébrations

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What is a "Du Coeur Celébration?" It's French, darling! Translated it reads, "From the Heart Celebrations." This is my new revelation, so watch for it popping up here and there on my blog.
When you see a post titled "Du Coeur Celébrations" it means that there's something about this post that will help bring "from the heart" elements into your wedding. I remember I once heard a world-recognized theme park planner speak.

He said, "what's more memorable to a guest? An amazing and beautiful environment...or a good laugh?"

The laugh creates the strongest experience, he explained, as heartfelt elements create more than awe, they create emotions and memories. Wedding planning shouldn't be about just make your wedding custom colored or your flowers coordinated, but it should bring in elements that will help you share your heart with your guests, it should help them "feel" your wedding.

Here are some beautiful little things that Mike and Meredith did to share their hearts with their guests; night-glow sticks, funny glasses, wild dancing, photos, cake smashing, and a great band. In the So Cal style it was perfect, though for your wedding your Du Coeur elements should reflect your heart and personality.
Though Mike and Meredith's wedding was one of the most elegant and modern I've seen, it's their time with their guests that will be fondly remembered for years to come!
Wedding photography by Judi Bumstead.

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