Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heartfelt Vows

This is a snippet from my friend Lindsey's blog, a bride to be...

"How is it July? How did it come so fast? I have 39 DAYS until the wedding...I sat down last night to try and write what I don't want to call vows, because we are just using some standard non-denominational vows, but I was ultra inspired by Rachel...she wrote the most beautiful vow for Joe.

I was so moved and realized you don't get many chances in life so obvious to really say something wonderful to the person you love. At that moment, all my conceptions about this idea changed and I wanted us to have something to say to one another at our service that we write for one another, just something small and personal. I think I've cursed myself, because I've always said it's lame to write your own vows-just because you're getting married now it means your a poet?

So now I'm stuck. I sat down last night and started trying to come up with some really beautiful words, and I feel stricken...When I finally got some ideas out, they are so plain and simple, I like them for that, but I thought I'd be able to reach in my pocket and pull out something more profound or at least more articulate with a wider, more interesting vocabulary...Maybe it's better that way, maybe that's how I keep it from being to flowery or sappy or overdone. I know it's going to be hard to get though so it's going to be really short...every time I try to read it aloud to see how it sounds, I start crying."

Photos courtesy of Jon Koch.

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MsKate said...

I definitely agree that coming up with the wedding vows is one of the hardest parts. All the details are so consuming that one day you realize, "Oh my gosh, the vows!" which are essentially the reason why you are planning a wedding anyway. Regardless of what you say up there, it will surely be meaningful because you are saying it in front of friends and family.