Friday, August 15, 2008

Bachelorette Party

Have you ever been in charge of a Bachelorette party? These are some things I learned from the last bachelorette party I hosted. First, I asked the bride what she wanted and what her comfort levels were. She said she wanted lots of fun and some innocent thrills.

One idea for the adventurous type is tell all your guests to dress up- no, not cute club clothes but to a theme, like women of the Amazon, or French Maids, or James Bond Girls. For my party I created a scavenger hunt for my friend. First we went to a club, and I brought Mardi Gras necklaces in bulk. For every item completed on the list she got another necklace, in addition to her boa and tiara. Some of them were similar to:

Get a shoulder message from a cute guy.

Ask the oldest guy at the place for a dance.

Take a picture of you kissing a bald man's head.

Have the bride in a white shirt and collect phone numbers from guys with a sharpie.

They were thrilling but harmless and added entertainment to dancing. But if you get in a jam, don't forget that there are party planner services such as Bride's Night Out that do the party planning for you. It may not be a bad idea!

Photo of darling Heather's bachelorette party.

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How fun... and what great ideas you have there!