Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Inspiration Board 22: Dessert Buffets, Part Two

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Dessert is so good it not only needs two "s"'s but also two posts! Creating a dessert buffet is very simple, providing you have the right elements. First of all, a dessert buffet is a great spot to really emphasize your colors or theme. You can really play it up here because it's dessert and it's not meant to be taken too seriously.

Key points to a great dessert buffet:
1. Fun. You really only need to serve one type of dessert at your buffet providing it's a really fun dessert. But you may find that several varieties of common desserts charges up the fun factor. Try things like: miniature cakes, old fashioned lollipops, assorted hard and soft small candies, chocolate covered pretzels, miniature donuts, and licorice sticks.

2. Color. Think of how the desserts will look all together. Should all your desserts be one color or to a theme? Should they contrast your linens? What kind of decorations will you use on the table, and what colors will they be?

3. Composition. Think of how you'll display your desserts. You'll want some showcased high, in hurricane vases or on antique cake stands. Contrast that with medium height displays and desserts on the table itself. It's simple, but taking these thoughts into consideration will leave you with a dessert buffet worthy of being in a wedding magazine!

Carnival Style Buffet photo courtesy of Martha Stewart. Black and greens candy table photo courtesy of Jon Koch. Miniature cakes photo courtesy of InStyle Weddings.

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Kimberly said...

People seem to love mini pastries and chocolate is always forgiven.