Friday, August 22, 2008

Inspiration Board 24: Lemon and Moss

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I love how lemon and moss pair! It's such a fresh color combination that instantly I can imagine I'm smelling lemonade on a cool summer evening! Here I've paired some lighter-sided details such as a sunflower bouquet, giant jars of lemons for decorations, and crafty moss green table cloths. This would be a wedding where most everything is in crisp white with focus on the fun lemon and moss details.

Green table cloth photo by Our Labor of Love, as featured on Brooklyn Bride. Escort cards as featured on Snippet & Ink Blog. Sunflower bouquet by the event planners Amorlogy Wedding.
Bridesmaids dresses by J. Crew.

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The Virtual Bridesmaid said...

Bright and Fresh!

The Virtual Bridesmaid