Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trimming your Budget #1: Cake Toppers

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Idea number one is so fantastic and simple you'll be saying "why didn't I think of that?" Rather than paying high prices for a elaborately decorated cake, choose a simple cake and focus instead on the cake topper. Your cake topper can be flowers, an antique topper, fruit, etc. My friend Selena is using a beautiful idea. To celebrate the longevity of her in-law's marriage, she's using the cake topper from their wedding. It's endearing (and cost effective).

From top left (click to go to the vendors' stores): Cotton Birds, double happiness Chinese characters, quilled bells, vintage cake toppers, flower decorated cake, crepe flower cake,
and folded paper topper.

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DK Designs said...

Clay flowers are another alternative to the gumpaste/sugar flowers and less expensive. Simple and elegant - a large clay peony flower is a great way to adorn your cake or a ready made clay floral arrangement in a small vase and serves as a decorative piece in the newlyweds new home... You can check more of them out at Many brides are coming to me to do one large open peony to place on top of their cake as the decorative piece! Thought your readers might be interested in hearing about another idea. :)