Monday, September 22, 2008

Vendor Parade: Element Studios

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I'm thrilled to have Element Studios in our Vendor Parade (where we showcase the very best of the wedding industry). I love how Element Studios has an eye for vibrant color, and their romance shots are breathtaking. They perfectly captured Biren and Jane. Biren and Jane merged two cultures, and Jane wore both a traditional wedding gown in addition to her amazing Indian wedding dress. And orange! I adore orange weddings! I think Biren and Jane's wedding is the perfect example of Element Studios' work.

Photographer Paulo wrote, "My wedding pictures are both intimate and candid, revealing the subtle moments of the day. I hope that my love for what I do is evident in my work, and I anticipate having the opportunity to share my passion and integrity with you."

Vendors in the Parade may or may not sponsors of Melissa's Smitten Blog, but are strictly selected for the Vendor Parade for their sterling reputation and outstanding work.

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