Friday, October 17, 2008

Customized Bridal Party Jewelry

I've been e-chatting with Bonnie of BonitaJ Jewelry (which offers fully customizable bridal and bridesmaid jewelry). She wanted to share her expertise tips on selecting your wedding jewelry. Since I adore her work, and since she knows what she's talking about, I thought it'd be a pretty good idea. She also has a special treat! is offering an exclusive coupon to the Melissa’s Smitten Blog readers. Save 15% Off of your entire order with the coupon code: MELISSA2008 used during checkout. There is no minimum order required.

(I designed this fall inspiration board based off Bonita J's Jewelry)

"Your bridesmaids are your closest friends and family and selecting beautiful bridesmaid jewelry for them to wear for your special day is a great gift idea. All bridesmaids have different personalities and preferences and finding jewelry that frames their individuality is the perfect thank you gift.

This is a popular trend for brides recently. Using the same color palettes as your guide, you can choose completely different jewelry for all of your maids and have it look great. The perfect way to have a congruent look while expressing unique individuality would be to purchase the same necklace or bracelet for all of your bridesmaids and then selecting a different pair of earrings for each girl.

Your bridesmaids will be delighted with jewelry that compliments their own style. For example, since it is the fall season, say your color palette is browns and coppers, you can find earrings that all use the same family of colors together but have completely different designs. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use a jewelry designer that uses Swarovski crystals and pearls for their designs. Swarovski offers the highest quality bead with the most sparkle and truest hues. They have a multitude of color options, so finding your own perfect match is easy.

Selecting bridesmaid jewelry that is unique to your maids personal tastes is the best way to give a gift that can be used again. Most of your bridesmaids will not wear their gowns again, but they can have great accessories that fit them perfectly and wear them over and over."

Thanks again Bonnie for your excellent advice!!

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