Thursday, October 30, 2008

Inspiration Board 26: Acorns and Oak Trees

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Growing up in the town of Thousand Oaks, California, my love for oak trees and acorns is quite understandable. And they make such a beautiful analogy towards weddings, a small seed that grows into a majestic tree. And for fall, oak trees and acorns are a delightful pairing; a colorful and bright color scheme, earthy hues and the vibrant shades of the sunset.

I love Nisie's Fall Ceremony Flowers and imagine your ring bearer walking down the aisle with your rings tied to Gold Leaves. To add whimsy, load your flower girl's basket full of colorful fall leaves to scatter instead of rose petals. And a Fall Wedding Cake is a no brainer. For sweet appetizers, consider making Marzipan Acorns. A decorated table featuring your sign in table and Acorn Frame, would welcome guests, and Acorn Napkin Rings add festivity to each place setting.

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