Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Warning to Wedding Vendors

Dear brides-to-be, I'm deviating from my normal posting format to bring an important warning to other wedding vendors today. Tomorrow will be normal, I promise!

I’m trying to warn everyone about an email I received this morning. I've read about scams that seems to involves a fake bride or groom. I became suspicious when I didn’t receive the email through my website (most all of my inquires come this way); I’m not a wedding planner myself so they obviously haven’t done much research; and he doesn’t mention where the wedding will be…not even a hint of country or state or theme; and he talks a lot about being sure to pay rather than any wedding details. Ebay writes:

Some sellers of high priced goods receive requests from bidders in foreign accept foreign cashier's checks...some of the requests offer to "overpay" for an item...We urge all sellers to use extreme caution when accepting foreign cashier's checks for high priced items, as such checks may take weeks or months to clear and may be counterfeit.

Original Email:
Hello, my name is Faker Groom*,
We request the services of a good wedding planner who will handle our wedding for us...You are to arrange for videography, music, entertainment, photography, Officiant/Priest & church, cake, flowers and venue...I will make a prepayment as initial deposit for this booking via my credit card once availability is confirmed by you...All checks and balances will be made before the final day of the wedding. Get back to me with your response as we don't have much time left so that we can also process our accommodation within the region.
Best Regards, Faker Groom*

* I've changed the name of the sender, some of the original email has been changed.

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LA Style Unveiled said...

Thank you for the heads up! This has happened to other coordinators we know as well and it is too bad ... Great way to spread the word ... aren't blogs great?!? :)