Monday, March 16, 2009

Eco and Affordable Wedding Bands

(Matt and Sara)

Sara and Matt of the $2,000 Dollar Wedding Blog had plans to save money and the environment with thier wedding rings... and they created an amazing and touching memory from it as well.

Sara writes, "...we also had an unconventional approach to our wedding rings. We asked our friends and family to donate their old gold to an environmentally-friendly jeweler, Green Karat. The company melted the donated gold, credited our account with more than $1,000 and created new rings."

Green Karat can take "dormant gold" such as a broken chain, the one remaining earring and the unused class ring to recycle. Reusing gold means that you won’t create any demand for additional mining, plus you’ll create keepsake rings embedded with the love of your family and friends.

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E. Wilde said...

What a fantastic idea! I didn't even know that this was a possibility, but if you're already spending a decent amount on your wedding it makes a lot of sense. The best part is then you get to look down everyday at something that reminds you of all the people you love in your life who helped you grow up and get to wear you are today!