Monday, March 23, 2009

Inspiration Board 38: Farmer's Market (Centerpieces)

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I heard received so much great feedback about the Farmer's Market idea that I've decided it explore it more and to take a look at what Farmer's Market Centerpieces might really be like. The thing I love about the Farmer's Market concept is that each item is either recycled or can be reused in the future. I also like that the vintage/flea market/farm fresh feeling can help keep costs down. And it's good for the environment. And it looks great. And it's a sure to keep the wedding reception fun...actually there's a thousand reasons I love this idea for a wedding.

I would schedule an outing for you, your mom and mom-to-be, and your maids. Truck down to a Flea Market early in the morning. Break into teams and give each team a page of items (with picture clippings) to search for and acceptable budgets for each. Gather enough lanterns, vintage urns and vases, anodized buckets, jam jars, and vintage fabrics for each table.

Then work with a florist or visit a local flower farm and put in an order for your flowers. The best scenario would be to have a florist who's willing to work with a local farmer. If you are considering DIY to save flower costs, consider these pointers. First, don't do the flowers yourself! As much as you're tempted, get a whole team together, give them pictures of the desired result and get yourself out of there!

Because the flowers will need to be done the night before or the day of, the last thing you need are flower stained hands, a strained neck, sore shoulders and a stress attack! Trust me, I know...I did it for my own wedding. Your arrangements should be simple to meet the Farmer's market look, so your team should be able to do a marvelous job with your inspiration!

Images courtesy of Ritzy Bee Blog, Lisa Kae Photography, Elite Photography

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