Sunday, May 17, 2009

Real Weddings: Nikki and Brian (Part Two)

Nikki and Brian had a charming wedding in Santa Barbara. Nikki shared her breakdown on how she was able to keep her budget to $1,500. Yes! Really! $1,500 for a beautiful wedding. Nikki's budget breakdown:

$500 for the reception lunch
$500 for my dress (there's a story behind that, but that's a whole separate blog)
$100 chair rental
$200 flowers
$100 miscellaneous details
Handmade Invitations
Photos by friends and family

Nikki shares, "The SB courthouse is free to use, but you can't make reservations so a few friends got there early to scope it out for us. Luckily there were no other weddings that day...kinda risky! For the reception, our guests had a selected menu - about 4 meal choices...and the food was great! For our honeymoon, we drove up the coast to San Luis Obispo for a few days."

Nikki's Tip - "DIY events can be stressful and at times it felt like it was all on my shoulders, so I tried to keep reminding myself what it was all about...marrying my best friend...and I was also blessed to have great friends willing to help make the day a success."

Nikki's Regret - "I wish I had been able to have a professional photographer. I love the pictures my friends and family took, but there are a lot of high contrast and blurry shots, etc. that I wish looked a little more professional."

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