Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Meet B Poetic

I absolutely loved these vintage fabric flowers by b. poetic the second I saw them! In fact, I wondered how I could have survived so long in tumultuous ignorance without them! Kaitlin hand makes each of these and they're extremely feminine for anytime or weddings. That's exactly how I like my accessories- a hint of romance that's not obnoxious or overdone. I'd recommend these for the bride and they'd make great accessories/gifts for your maids too. And you won't have to worry about them wilting on a hot day like today (at least it's miserable out here in So. Cal...yuck!)

Then I found this adorable wedding banner (below) on the b. poetic blog and that's when I was sure of it...I am an official fan of Kaitlin and b. poetic. And because I'm gushing so much, I just wanted to note that no, there's no sponsorship or advertising going on here. Really. I just really like her stuff.

Vendors in the Parade may or may not sponsors of Melissa's Smitten Blog, but are strictly selected for the Vendor Parade for their sterling reputation and outstanding work.


{beth} said...

love those shoes. said...

Ooooh I'm a fan too--beautiful!

dognbird said...

Agree - romantic yet still organic in design. I'm loving your blog, so many ideas!