Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Downsizing your wedding? Read and Win!

(send in your DIY and money saving tips to win a copy of "The DIY Bride" by July 1, 2008)

I was sent an interesting article from Orli of Time Magazine about wedding downsizing.

The article says, "Because planning for many of this year's weddings started long before gas and milk hit $4 a gallon, some couples have had to scale back. 'Every dollar counts,' says Tammy Li...'I had really wanted a night wedding,' says Li, but it was hard to argue with the $15,000 savings they'll get by holding it on Saturday afternoon."

My question to you readers, what money saving tips have you done, be it DIY or a slight shift in your planning to save costs? Send me your most creative money saving tips and DIY ideas and you'll be entered to win a copy of The DIY Bride: 40 Fun Projects for Your Ultimate One-of-a-Kind Wedding.

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Ideas sent may be published with sender's first name on this blog according to the editor's discretion. Winner will be selected from a random draw of names.

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