Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meghan Aileen: Ryan and Linda

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Ryan and Linda were married on April 26th in San Diego at the beautiful El Cortez Hotel. Meghan Aileen wrote about their wedding, "For every wedding based on the couple’s taste, I work on a number of the images to look like different types of aged black and white film. The nostalgia of this type of image as well as the element of timeless aesthetic, is very fitting for weddings I believe…and I love it!"

Meghan Aileen's documentary style combines the nostalgic look of vintage film photography and the versatility of modern digital color. She is acclaimed for being able to anticipate a moment, and for her ability to capture personality in her images that will speak to your heart for years to come. I love her vintage take on Ryan and Linda and you'll be enchanted tomorrow when you see her color work. It's her meld of the two that's perfectly lovely.

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