Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bellydance for Sensual Fitness

Are you looking to slim down and tone up before your wedding? Try bellydancing! I myself am taking a bellydancing class (that's my bellydance instructor Nar to the left- keep in mind that these photos were taken after an hour of dancing so we don't look our best!)

It's a whole body workout, but you with all the stomach emphasis you'll be ready for your honeymoon bikini besides your wedding dress. Plus it's relaxing and sensual and even a beginner (such as myself) can easily pick it up. Best of all you get to wear great wraps and use scarves. Nothing could be more feminine!

My dance instructor is the extremely talented Nar. She's great at breaking down complicated steps for novices like myself. Even better, she bellydances for weddings and events and is one of the better bellydancers I've seen (and I've seen quite a few). If you'll be in need of a bellydancer in the So Cal area, be sure to call Nar for bellydancing.

Bellydancing is customary in Middle Eastern weddings and can be a great source of entertainment for your guests during your cocktail hour or reception. And bellydancers are great to get the party started as they often bring guests up to dance with them.

As for your bellydance training, if you don't have time for an actual class, I'd recommend Neena and Veena's Discover Bellydance on DVD. They make it very simple to understand the movements and then you can workout on your schedule.

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Andy's Mommy said...

Having a belly dancer at a wedding reminded me of a really interesting dance troupe I met a couple months ago. They're fire dancers, and the woman who started it (who is married to a firefighter) said they do a lot of weddings.