Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Other than throwing rice

Even though throwing rice won't cause birds to explode, it is still a bother. Many churches and venues won't allow rice or birdseed, and they get stuck in everything! Bubbles are fun as well, but they run the risk of staining your wedding dress. New, great alternatives that make for better pictures and more fun are streamers and wands.

Wedding Streamers are easy to cleanup because they are attached to a little hand-sized cup. When you throw them you don't have a million little pieces of paper to pick up, because it's all still attached to the cup in your hand. You only need a large trashcan somewhere nearby for quick cleanup. Streamers are available through Favors You Keep, AeroTechnic, and Exclusively Weddings.

Another trend are Wedding Wands. Wedding wands can be easily made DIY with your matching ribbon. Another idea is to have customized or multi-colors on your wands like those available through Favor Ideas or Mary Dann. Wedding wands are also fun because they can be used during the reception instead of clinking on glass to get the couple to kiss and on the dance floor.

From the top: Streamers by Favors You Keep, photo by Innovative Photography. Showcasing of streamers by DC Nearly Weds Blog. Wedding wands in green as shown on Style me Pretty, photo courtesy of Amy Squires.

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Delilah H. said...

Love the streamers idea! Wedding wands? I had never heard of them until I read this. Not a bad idea, but I definitely like the streamers better.