Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reception Games

Reception games have been growing on me. I've seen several at the last few weddings I've attended and they're a great way to learn more about the bride and groom and if they're not too hokey, they're really fun. My dear friend Lindsey (of BEEutiful Stationery stardom; pictures to come soon) was wed to her sweat heart David this last weekend. The DJ had them play a quick newlyweds game.

David took off both his shoes, one for him to hold, one for Lindsey. They also both held a glass of champagne. They sat back to back and to answer questions they held up a glass for Lindsey, a shoe for David. They knew each other pretty well. Without seeing each other they answered every question the same!

Questions included: Who is really in charge of the money? Who spends more money? Who's the better cook? Who's the better dancer? Who's more organized? Who's more romantic?

Especially if some of your guests may not know both you and your fiance, this game is great for breaking the ice and letting your guests get to know you better!

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