Thursday, October 02, 2008

Detail by detail...the Cake

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I loved Lindsey's cake. Not only was it delicious, but adorable! I loved the honeycomb icing and elegant designs and I loved her cake toppers. Lindsey's cake was perfect- not garishly overdone, but it tied together her crafty, whimsical style in cheerful yellow and white.

Bird Cake toppers can be found through the talented Ann Wood, who hand makes each bird with vintage fabric. Cake toppers have become especially popular again- especially handmade toppers that demonstrate the couple's personalities.

When it was time to slice the cake my table took bets on whether or not the couple would end up in a cake fight-but how would such a splendid little cake tolerate being smashed into someone's face? Not well at all. That's why I was relieved to see David serving his bride cake on a fork (which is how you guarantee that you will not have cake on your face).

Images courtesy of Melissa Bumstead and Studio TLC.

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