Friday, October 03, 2008

Detail by detail...the Ceremony

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Lindsey and David's ceremony was so serene. They were married at the La Purisma Mission in Lompoc, in a quiet courtyard beneath oak trees. Among the witnesses were ancient buildings, quiet fields, and placid horses. Sigh. I loved it.

After Lindsey's dad tearfully gave her away, Lindsey and David read their vows, which they had each written for each other. Then friends and family read prose and poetry about marriage. Lindsey's parents read about how love grows until the two people are one oak tree, a true union.

If you'll be writing your own vows, there are great online resources and books to help you. The most important factor is to be genuine, and to be yourself- and to write a promise you can come back to again and again throughout your marriage. Once you've written your vows, share them with your officiant, with one friend your age, one friend your parent's age. That way you'll get well rounded advice that will keep you from cringing twenty years down the line for having promised to "pamper and spoil."

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