Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Detail by detail...the Inspiration

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Danielle was kind to share her inspiration boards with us for her Carnival & Coney Island themed wedding. You can see how she ever-so-cleverly incorporated nearly all of her inspiration into her wedding!

And instead of using a single-color scheme, you can see how fun much the Carnival & Coney Island theme turned out to be! It focused on black, white and red, but because of the overall theme she was able to bring in pinks, oranges and yellows- and they worked perfectly together. I especially love how she brought in red for the shoes and her bridesmaid's dress, but for herself was uncomplicated in a white dress, shrug and veil- with a splash of pink!

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Miss B. said...

These images are divine! I love a retro amusement park vibe, so much fun!