Monday, October 13, 2008

Real Weddings: Jose and Danielle

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When I stumbled across Jose and Danielle's wedding via the Offbeat Bride Blog, I was smitten! I loved the Carnival & Coney Island theme, Danielle's bright pink updo, the 18-piece jazz big band (with her dad as a musician), and the fun! This was a wedding where fun was the main priority- and according to Danielle, it didn't disappoint! Untraditional yet uber-fun, Danielle and Jose fed each other deluxe donuts instead of cake. Each hand crafted centerpiece showcased colorful candies and popcorn- they even had a cotton candy machine! Danielle wore a knee-length wedding dress- perfect for the outdoor event- and had red shoes and a Birdcage Veil (designed by her talented mother) that I simply adored.

Congrats again to Jose and Danielle, and thanks for sharing with us your amazing and unique wedding!

Photos by Alex Creswell & Keleigh Layton

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