Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Detail by detail...the Traditions

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I love the traditions that Meredith and Nathan incorporated into their wedding. I love that a real trumpet trumpeted Meredith down the aisle!

 And you can see how sweet her note jar is. Especially when it's difficult to visit with each guest at your wedding, a note from each guest will connect you- and it's something to treasure. I know brides who've also used the note idea to decorate- making a "wish tree" by hanging each note with a ribbon, or beautifully decorated boxes that perfectly match the theme. Often the notes are added to a scrapbook or wedding album and take over the function of a guest book.

Meredith and Nathan also participated in a Unity Sand Ceremony. If there's anyone not familiar with this, it's the perfect substitute for the candle ceremony for an outdoor wedding. It's elegant and functional, and you have a beautiful vase as a keepsake afterwards.

If you're thinking on which traditions to include into your wedding, consider both old and new traditions. Traditions not only help bring familiarity into your wedding, but the next time you see the tradition done, the remembrance will re-cement your commitment.

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Ale said...

The sand idea is a great one! I've seen it done before a long time ago and completely forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder :)