Friday, October 10, 2008

How to entertain children at your wedding

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Children can be a real blast at weddings when the formality is decidedly set to fun. Remember in Finding Neverland, when they brought children into the audience of Peter Pan to add a sense of wonder? Ditto for weddings. But if you want to guarantee a great child-friendly event, consider these great ideas.

1. A Children's Wedding Activity Kit for each child. The kit could be as simple as a set of crayons and coloring pages, or it might be as elaborate as to match your destination wedding theme with a beach bucket packed with small games and toys.

2. A children's buffet at a child-friendly height. It might have PBJ sandwiches, chicken fingers, mac & cheese, fruit- generally a kid friendly fare. You may even want to have a kid's table (situated near to their parent's table) for eating dinner, decked in bright colors and kid friendly plastic utensils and cups.

2B. You may also want a child's snack table with kiddie snacks and juices- available at the immediate start of your reception. The earlier you stave off kiddie hunger, the less grumpy, hungry children you'll have at your reception (I even get the hungry-grumps too).

3. Find ways for children to participate! Dancing is a fun and obvious way- consider asking your DJ play the Hokey-Pokey! You'll get great pictures from it!

4. Have a kid's room to the side of your reception room with a professional baby sitter, equipped with DVDs, games and a napping area. If the night goes long, or if a child gets squirmy, this might be a lifesaver- for the child that is!

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