Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wedding Photography Tips

(Before amazing advice)

(After amazing advice)

Wedding Photography expert Judi Bumstead (who also happens to be my amazing mother-in-law) wanted me to share these wedding photography tips with you. Take this wedding for an example. It was a very intimate backyard affair, timed around the convenience of guests and church. The setting and schedule were not conducive to breathtaking images. And my mother-in-law isn't happy unless she gets breathtaking shots.

What is a bride to do? There are two great options that my MIL suggests. One, take the photos before the wedding. Typically early-mid morning and twilight take the best images- perfect timing to take all your formal images before your guests arrive. The second option is to take photos the day after, like this couple did. This way you'll have your first peek at each other as you walk down the aisle, the time of day will be perfect for your photo shoot, you won't be stressed out, and your bouquet should last. Best of all, the day after you can go somewhere amazing, even if it isn't next to your reception site and you won't have to worry about keeping your dress spotless.

As you can see, the day of shots are very sweet and very sentimental...the day after shots are amazing! Breathtaking! Superb!
Photos by Judi Bumstead

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