Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Inspiration Board 27: A Thanksgiving Wedding

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Who wouldn't love to have a Thanksgiving wedding? It's a Fall wedding wrapped into good food, family and reasons to be thankful. I imagine it would want to be an intimate, family affair if it were to actually be on Thanksgiving. Serving turkey, decorating with cornucopias and cranberries would be so charming. Then bring in muslin and canvas, fall fruit and wood accents, handwritten stationery and fall leaves to tie it all together!

A fall Cornucopia can double as a ceremony and a reception decoration. Make sure to wait for the perfect moment to get your fall sunset pictures. I love both the fall fruit cake and the fall leaf cake, personally I wouldn't know which to choose- and mini pumpkin pies would make perfect favors. And for an intimate affair, a casual table would feel more like a family Thanksgiving. To add a b it of glam back in, the tiara gown with wrap are the perfect touch. For the men green and brown boutonnieres offset both the fall bouquet and the bouquet with hypericum berries.

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