Monday, December 15, 2008

Seven Swans A-Swimming

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In this song I visualize seven swans swimming on an ice-frosted pond. Living in SoCal I've never seen anything like that, but I can imagine it's beautiful. So for this post I've taken the inspiration of white swans on a white lake for the white-on-white theme. White-on-white weddings are amazingly classy but they also require a lot of forethought in order for them to still feel exciting and sophisticated.

You'll notice too that there are many shades of white and there are "warm" or "cold" whites, meaning that the white is based off a yellow/red foundation or a blue foundation. In this inspiration board the whites are all warm. Though you can mix and match shades of white, be wary of mixing cold and warm whites. Instead, compliment your white with other warm or cold colors for a splash of color, but minimally to keep your white on white theme. Your cold whites mix well with light blues, silver and moss. Warm whites mix well with gold, yellow, orange, red and pink.

White centerpiece photo courtesy of Martha Stewart, white appetizers and drinks by Rebbecca Thuss Photography, white wedding gown by Amy Michelson, white bouquet by Dragonfly Events, and white wedding cake by the Cake Girls.

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ABC Dragoo said...

This is a really pretty color scheme (without color!) So neutral, I love it.