Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eight Maids A-Milking

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We all know what it means to milk it- to get every precious drop out of something! Here are eight great tips to help make sure you and your maids get the most out of your special day.

One: Remember that your attendants are financially responsible for the purchase of their outfits and accessories, their transportation to the wedding, their bridesmaids gifts to the bride, and any costs associated with showers and bachelorette parties. Though your maids will be glad to be supportive on your special day, be sure to consider their finances as you're planning your wedding. Don't pick out expensive gowns, shoes and jewelry without their input.

Two: You can have two maids of honor and/or two matrons of honor. This is great if you have two friends you can't choose between. Often in this situation one will hold the bride's bouquet and the other will hold the groom's rings. Also, don't be intimidated by having the same number of bridesmaids as your groomsmen. It's perfectly ok if they don't match.

Three: When selecting your maids make sure that your girls are reliable, are great listeners, who will show up on time, and who are willing to help out. Being a maid is an honor, but it's a lot of work! You'll need maids who are up for the job.

Four: Create "job cards" for everyone in your wedding. These cards will help you divide up the wedding responsibilities and help make communication clear. Then give your job cards and wedding notes to your maids in a pretty wedding folder.

Five: Get a "survival day kit " for each of your maids. It should have helpful items such as band-aids, Tylenol, safety pins, tissues, etc. It'll make sure your maids have everything they need and will banish stress!

Six: Your maid's dresses don't have to match exactly, even at a formal wedding. Using the same material or color can allow your maids to each have a dress that flatters her body type.

Seven: Remember to communicate with your maids. Keep them filled in about all the parties, dates and more that they'll need to know. Ask them often how they're doing and make sure that none of your maids feel overwhelmed with their tasks. Keeping communication open and lighthearted is the key!

Eight: Make sure you and your maids plan for some fun! Stress levels will be high right before the wedding so be sure to plan to have some quality relaxing time with your girls. If it's a day to the spa or a sleepover, you and your maids should make it a priority to enjoy each other and have fun.

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