Monday, January 19, 2009

Custom Wedding Invitations

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Have you ever dreamed about having your own custom wedding invitations for your wedding? I want to spend a few posts this month going over stationery as January is the most popular month to buy wedding invitations for spring/summer brides.

One great way to create your custom wedding stationery is through the help of a professional stationery designer. Most of these designers will charge you a fee for design and for printing. Letterpress printing is one of the most common printing methods for custom wedding stationery as it allows a "small run," keeping prices low (which seems counter-intuitive as it's a costly process) but true all the same.

Custom wedding invitations can range from $10-$25 each depending on the designer, the complexity of your idea, and the materials and printing process used. If your stationery designer charges dramatically less than their competitors, be weary. You may be getting an inexperienced designer who runs the risk of creating a headache instead of stationery, or you might have someone who will shortchange you in design freedom or materials.

Do research before you contact your designer to get an idea of what you'll want, but keep an open mind too. A good designer will take your idea and often will add their own amazing inspiration to create something completely unique and wonderful. A good designer will also be a good listener, so if you feel like you have to argue to have your ideas heard, go ahead and find someone else. It's important that your stationery is designed for your wedding.

I'd also recommend that you give yourself several months to have your stationery custom designed. There will be a lot of back and forth, evolving of ideas, and printing time that can take longer than many brides anticipate. You'll want the time to be able to make relaxed decisions. If you can pull these tips off, I promise you'll be delighted! There's nothing as personal as your own stationery creations to welcome your guests- it's like having a piece of your heart in paper format.

(Image above was a custom design for Brena and Will who were wed with a cherry blossom theme by Smitten Invitations.)

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