Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Inspiration Board 32: White Couture

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This board is for a modern, sophisticated, daring bride. I imagine she has a job at Vogue or designs handbags and lives in a NY loft filled with modernist furniture. Her dresses are always pressed and she drives a white, classic, '60s VW Carmengia. Then she and her architect fiancé are wed at the Museum of Modern Art. Modernist bride who I admire, this board is for you.

I love this Modern Gown by Adele Weschsler. It's so classy with exactly the right amount of feminine softness and detail. It's the perfect gown for a modern wedding. The contemporary centerpiece is by Isari Flowers Studio. The curtain reception hall by Anthony Todd. I love that he's included a gold tabletop, it keeps the setting inviting and gives it a bit of excitement. Not to mention it will help reflect the light, allowing a brighter room with low mood lighting. The Beaded bodice and flowers background images courtesy of Ruettgers Photography.

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Anne @ Pink Galoshes said...

Beautiful. There is something so fresh and so wintery about all all white palette. I just love those martinis!