Monday, January 26, 2009

Wedding Wands

(click image to enlarge)

Many of you probably read the "other than throwing rice" post where I talked about wedding wands. I wanted to share with you how beautiful it looks in real life! Selena made her own DIY wedding wands for her wedding after reading the post on this blog. She found ribbons matching her wedding colors and hot-glued them onto small wood dowels.

The wedding wands were then used instead of rice as they exited the church and back at the reception the wands were used on the dance floor for fantastic pictures!

Image courtesy of Mary Jane Photography.


i Do {blog!} said...

We used ribbon wands for our exit as well (same dilema with not being able to toss anything) and the photos are some of my favorite! They really make for gorgeous pictures!

Caroline @ bubbly bride said...

So Creative! I want to see an action picture with them being used :)