Friday, February 20, 2009

Wedding Blunders: Gift Drop Off

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For the couple's sake all names have been changed. This is a very real story...don't let it happen to you! "Katie" and "Ryan" wanted to have their gifts delivered to their new house after the wedding. The bridal party eagerly volunteered to collect all the gifts from the wedding, load them up in the best man's van and to drive them over to the house. The best man was given the house key and every detail was set....all except one!

After the wedding was over the couple drove to their new home in complete bliss. They would be leaving to catch a red-eye plane to Hawaii so they had decided to spend their first married night at home instead of paying for a few hours in a hotel. Can you guess what the missed detail was?

The bride and groom had forgotten to set the gift delivery time! Somehow the bridal party hadn't realized the couple would be home..."acting like newlyweds" (or so I'm told by the blushing bride) when the bridal party all barged in with the gifts! When you arrange your gift drop-off be sure to assign the volunteers, the place, hand over the key...and always be clear on the date and time!

Photo courtesy of Vitalic Photo.

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