Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sugar Flowers

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Sugar flowers aren't what they used to be. Stunning creations, such as the sugar flower cakes by Ron Ben-Israel (top right) are so delicate and amazing that you'll be tempted to only look and not taste! But taste you can!

You may be looking for ways to cut your wedding cake budget, and if so I have a few good ideas for you. Wildflowers by Lori (bottom right) sells sugar flower cake toppers which will be substantially less expensive to decorate to a locally-made cake, but it'll still look amazing.

You may be the adventurous type and want to try to decorate your own cake, and for you'd I'd recommend a kit such as those by Discount Sugar Flowers (bottom left). Only be sure to buy extra and practice before your big day to make sure you feel comfortable. You might also want to go to an old fashioned, Victorian look in which case you might want to use Sugared Pansies (top left) or make your own sugared flowers. These can be fun to use on cupcakes and add a sweet handmade charm to your wedding.

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