Monday, March 09, 2009

Tips from Former Brides: Tina and Devon

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I'm currently in lovely Colorado as I write, visiting my brother-in-law Devon and his wife Tina for our vacation. I interviewed her about her wedding- she was married almost three years ago in Southern California. They had a very nice traditional wedding; a church service followed by a formal reception with an amazing, catered sit-down diner.

I asked her "if you could change any one thing about your wedding, what would you have done differently?" After a short pause she answered with conviction, "I would have hired In-and-Out Burger to have catered my wedding." Now, for those of you outside California you might not know that In-and-Out have the best burgers in the world. They'll bring their large catering truck and make the burgers right there, handing out cheesy Double-Doubles with secret sauce and fries.

I was really surprised. WAdd Imagehy did she want in-and-Out over her nice dinner? She said it would have upped the fun factor and would have made the wedding less formal and more about celebrating. She said if it was less formal she would have relaxed and not taken every detail so seriously. "I realize now that I should have focused on marrying my best friend, and besides," she added, "most of the details of the day didn't work out like I planned."

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