Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Detail by detail...the Programs

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Because every wedding detail of Lindsey and David's wedding was beyond spectacular, I thought I'd do a play-by-play. Lindsey hand drew her programs (not that you should be surprised after seeing her hand printed wedding invitations). Her classy drawings were personal, kept to the yellow color palette and fit her mission styled location. Amazing so much could be packed into one program!

When designing your program there are a few necessities (though very few formal etiquette rules). Programs are traditionally used during the ceremony to help your guests. They inform your guests of the order of the ceremony, information such as song titles or readings, who is in the bridal party and any notes of special thanks.

Programs are very important, especially if your guests are unfamiliar with religious or cultural traditions that you'll incorporate into your ceremony. They can be used to help explain the signifigance of each tradition. Also, programs often have lyrics, words, or instructions (such as please kneel, etc.) so that your guests can participate if they choose.

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