Monday, October 06, 2008

Detail by detail...the Dancing

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Lindsey and David had a dance party! Their reception was held at the La Purisma Parish Hall. After the formal dances, cake cutting and toasts, the lights were dimmed and the dance animals came out! The DJ had a microphone ready as Lindsey sang her heart out to two songs and truly danced her heart out as well! So much dancing that she changed into a fabulous reception dress.

Reception dresses are becoming quite the rage. Only a few years back, brides would change right before leaving the wedding to jet off to the honeymoon. Now brides are changing earlier, during the reception which allows them to dance and mingle without worrying about ruining the dress. Of the handful of reception dresses I've seen, they dresses are short-ish and can be white or colored, informal or formal. I know one bride who found a $25 knee-length white dress that was the perfect reception dress to dance and celebrate in, and I adored Lindsey's swishy multi-colored dress.

Photos by Studio TLC.

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