Friday, December 19, 2008

Nine Ladies Dancing

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Nine tips for your first dance, courtesy of Wedding Music 2 They have many more great tips for your first dance, as well as instructional DVDs and music. Photo courtesy of Jon Koch Photography.

1. Select a romantic song. See Our Wedding Song List It is important that your song has a easy to hear and feel steady beat. The song will determine the dance you do. Most songs are Fox Trots (Slow dance), however, if you want to do something different - choose the dance first, Waltz, Tango, Swing or Salsa, (or a combination of any two dances). Once you select the dance you wish to do, then select the song to fit that dance style.

2. Select a song that isn't too long. A Song between two to three minutes long is best. Songs longer that that may get boring for your guests. (Personal note from Melissa: we loved our song, "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" but it was nearly six minutes, so we had the DJ fade out the song after three minutes).

3. Practice your dance to a CD. When you practice, put the CD on repeat. Once you get comfortable with the dance steps and timing to your first dance song, also practice with other songs and faster and slower tempos so you can dance to a variety of music tempos at your wedding -and after the wedding. This will also keep you from getting bored with your first dance song.

4. Practice your dancing. Regular practice is the only way to get comfortable with the steps and with dancing together so it feels natural. This will also help you learn to lead and follow and look good when you dance. The more you do practice the better it feels! Plan to practice.... at least three 20 minute sessions a week. Your goal is to feel that you are" dancing as one."

5. Consider taking dance lessons. If you want your first dance to look really great take private dance lessons (5 to10 is a good average). If you can't take private lessons the next best option is to buy a First Dance instruction DVD or Video or DVD Dance Kit.

6. What size is your dance floor? Find out what size your reception dance floor is and try to practice your dance using the same approximate space at home. If you do not have enough space to practice the full dance routine, practice one or two individual steps at a time.

7. Plan how the dance will start and end. Will it be at the beginning of the reception or after dinner? This might help you set the mood and inspire the flair your dance will start and end with.

8. Inform your team. Tell your Band , DJ and Photographer, when you plan to do your first dance. Also Check with your Band or DJ to be sure they play your first dance song at the tempo (music speed) that you practiced your dance with your song CD. To be sure of getting great pictures of your first dance, tell your photographer and Video person when you plan to start your first dance and if possible demonstrate which dance moves you'd like them to capture...especially important is the dip at the end of your dance.

9. Plan for the unexpected to happen. No matter what happens during your first forgetting a step or twirl, just keep dancing, enjoy the thrill of this special time together and just have fun and enjoy your first dance! Remember no one knows what your dance steps should be but you. Also matter what last minute changes he makes....follow him anywhere!

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