Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Eleven Pipers Piping

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I know this is a bit of a stretch, but I thought it'd be so much more interesting to look at eleven groom and groomsmen gifts (including a handsome pipe for pipers!) instead of a bunch of pictures of men playing the trumpet. Don't you think? Anyhow, here are some great and unique ideas to get the men in your wedding!

A great idea for cigar aficionados would be a customized humidor filled with custom banded cigars ($125). Or for the offbeat smoker, a fine Peterson Pipe from Dublin ($60-$80). I love these customized cuff links available from Etsy, you can get them with your grooms men's initials ($20). A Mr. Beer Brewing Kit will let your groomsmen create their own custom brew ($50). Also from Etsy, silkscreen ties for the men in your life who are edgier than Ralph Lauren ($40). Zippo Lighters are so cool looking that your groomsmen will want one even if they don't smoke. Plus they're customizable.

And for your groom an iPod Touch would be a hit. You'll get extra points if you pre-load it with pictures of you and love tunes. You can also get iPod case ($120) that he can customize and show off. A safe bet is always fine shaving gear. The shaving starter kit ($40) and the Power Shaving Set ($400) will make every morning enjoyable for your groomsmen. And finally, food based items will always be a sure-win. Personalized personalized bottle openers ($20) and personalized BBQ kit ($40) are always great gifts.

Prices are estimates and may vary in reality. Bride photo on iPod by Our Labor of Love Photography.

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