Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twelve Drummers Drumming

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Twelve Drummers Drumming sounds like a handful of ring bearers into pre-wedding mischief to me! I've heard many horror stories about ring bearers, even about my own beloved husband! He locked himself into a bathroom and refused to participate until bribed with the promise of an expensive toy!

Here are some tips for your ring bearers:
Have an awesome toy for bribing purposes. Consider something unusual for your ring bearer that might help him feel braver going down the aisle- maybe he can ride down in a wagon or perhaps he can hold some one's hand. Make sure his outfit is comfortable so that he's not throwing a fit over itchy collars and stuffy jackets. Remember, it's better to have a smiling ring bearer than a perfectly dressed one. Once he's walked down the aisle, have a seat in the front row available for him if he'd prefer to sit down during the ceremony (ditto for the flower girl) and have crayons and coloring books ready under their seats in case they're needed.

Most important, flower girls and ring bearers are there to bring a sense of wonder and the unexpected to your wedding. If they get cold feet in the last seconds before walking down the aisle, don't fret! You'll have a great story to tell later!
Photo by Jose Villa

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